Magnetic Materials Company

Meeting the Needs of Our Time with Global Brand NEOMAX®
and Many Other Unique Products

We will continue to meet contemporary needs with the capabilities for the development of new materials that we have built up in the field of materials such as magnetic components and ceramics.
We offer a wide array of applied magnetic products, including NEOMAX®, which boasts world-class magnetic force, and ferrite magnets. Our ceramics products, which include LTCC circuit boards and ceramic scintillators, boast unique features. We will work together with our customers to address the issues that affect automobiles and a wide range of machinery - issues such as environmental performance, energy conservation, and the transition to advanced electrical components.


Magnets and Applied Products

As a world-leading supplier of magnetic materials,
Hitachi Metals Group supports industry’sfoundations with its NEOMAX® brand

We boast an extensive magnet range, which includes NEOMAX® rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets, and provide our products across a wide range of fields, encompassing automobiles, electronics and home appliances. As pioneers in the field of magnetic materials, we take on the challenge of new materials and new production technologies, meeting our customers’ diverse needs and contributing to the creation of a more energy-efficient society.

Major Products

  • NEOMAX® Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

    We are leading the way globally in manufacturing Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets, which have optimum magnetic properties for use in the drive motors of electric and hybrid vehicles. The NEOMAX®, which we developed and mass produce, can be used in a broad spectrum of applications and in environments that range from room temperature to the mercilessly high temperatures around engines.

  • Sintered Ferrite Magnet NMF Series

    Ferrite magnets, which consist primarily of iron oxide, are cost effective and the most widely used in motors for automobile electric and electronic components. Among the NMF series, the series 15 has the world’s leading property as a mass-produced ferrite magnet. The excellent magnetic property and the resistance to temperature changes are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from starter motors, power window motors, cooling fan motors, and electric power steering motors, to windshield wiper motors.

  • Ultrahigh Density Bonded Magnet HIDENSE

    The HIDENSE is a high-performance bonded magnet developed with the high-compression technology. This magnet is highly flexible in shape and magnetization and can be integrated with metal components, thus contributing to a wide range of product designs.

  • LTCC (Low Temperature Co-fired Ceramics) Substrate

    High-integrated LTCC circuit substrates are available, which build on the unique technologies acquired through the efforts to develop RF front-end module. We offer a full package of services ranging from material development through circuit and millimeter-wave antenna designs. Our state-of-the-art technologies including mirror polishing that reduces micro wiring thickness down to 1 to 2 μm and bonding with silicone nitrate will help IoT innovations.

  • Ceramic Scintillator Materials

    Scintillator materials absorb the energy of radiation that strikes them and emit it as visible light. Because of their high sensitivity and large X-ray absorption coefficients, they contribute to reductions in device sizes. They are used in X-ray CT scanners and other medical equipment as well as analytical devices.

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