Cable Materials Company

With superior conductor, polymer and connector technologies,
we offer products that are indispensable to the evolution of
the electrical components of railroads, medical devices and automobiles.

Our line-up encompasses an extensive range of internal wiring products that can reduce the size and improve the performance of electric wires, cables and industrial machines that are indispensable to public infrastructure for the transmission of information and the supply of electric power, etc.
We also offer electrical components and brake hoses for improving the safety,energy-efficiency and convenience of automobiles.
We will seek to aid in the development of reliable infrastructures as we continue employing our technical capabilities in the pursuit of ultra-fine and sturdy conductors.


1.Electric Wires and Cables

Supplying a wide range of products that contribute to improvements in social infrastructure and moves to downsize equipment and upgrade performance

The Cable Materials Company mobilizes its outstanding achievements and rich experience accumulated over the years to build a diverse range of wire products that improve the social infrastructure as well as products that support moves to decrease size and boost performance. The applications range from railway vehicles and port facilities to general construction and industrial processes. We provide customers with the optimum support by supplying these products.

2. High Performance Components

Addressing today’s needs for ever greater miniaturization, high performance, and energy efficiency

Global production and sales of cable assemblies capable of providing efficient and reliable data transmission for medical devices and automobile components, tailored to market needs by fully utilizing the characteristics of materials, to satisfy our most demanding customers.

Major Products

  • Wires and cables for rolling stock

    For bullet trains and many other trains, operated both in Japan and overseas, our wires and cables are used in cabs, underfloor wiring, and wiring between rolling stock. We also provide railway vehicle cables and trolley wires as well as signal cables, thus supporting power supply and information transmission for railways.

  • Probe Cables for Ultrasound Diagnostic Equipment

    The cable connects the main body of ultrasound diagnostic equipment and the probe used for echographic investigation. It is lightweight, excels in elasticity and flexibility, and has high-quality electric characteristics, realizing ease of handling and high-definition images, thereby contributing to the development of medical equipment.

  • Enameled Wire for EV/HEV Inverter-Fed Motor

    This wire product supports the compact design and higher outputs required for electric and hybrid vehicles while reducing environmental impact and saving energy, leading to the development of higher-performance electric and hybrid vehicles.

  • Harness for Electric Parking Brakes

    We developed harnesses for use in electric parking brakes that excel in flexural resistance and durability. This helps conserve space inside the cabin and elevates vehicle safety and convenience.

Products by Cable Materials Company