Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

Information on this website contains forward-looking statements such as results forecasts, management plans and prospects for dividend payments. All documents containing forward-looking statements that are not historical facts are derived using certain assumptions and projections deemed rational to make projections, based on the information available at the time of creation. Changes in the underlying assumptions or conditions could cause the actual results to differ materially. Principal factors that can be currently assumed include, without limitation:

  • ・Principal markets (particularly Japan, the United States and Asia)
  • ・Rapid changes in technologies
  • ・The ability of the Company and its subsidiaries to remain competitive, develop new products and technologies, and market products
  • ・Fluctuations in product markets and conditions
  • ・Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates
  • ・Fluctuations in international product markets
  • ・External financing environments
  • ・The ability of the Company and its subsidiaries to respond to fluctuations in product demand, product market conditions, and foreign exchange rates
  • ・Protection of the Company's patents and securing the use of other companies' patents
  • ・Alliances with other companies for product development or other purposes
  • ・Fluctuations in the Japanese stock market

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Other Disclaimers

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