The Hitachi Metals Group boasts a treasure trove of global “only one, number one” products with applications spanning a variety of fields. This achievement is the result of well-coordinated efforts in our production, development and marketing sections to ascertain the requirements of society at large and work in unison with customers.
Committed to anticipating future needs, we will eagerly pursue new challenges and responsibilities. As a manufacturer of highly functional materials, the Hitachi Metals Group will continue to develop innovative products that create new markets.

Products by Business Segment

Market Fields

New Solution

  • Multi-Lumen Tube for Catheters
  • HiFC®Applicable Vehicle Communication Cable
  • Wiring Parts for Automotive Motor
  • Target Materials for Mo Alloy Films with High Humidity and High Oxidation Resistance
  • Gas Turbine Stator Vane by Metal Injection Molding
  • Mn-Zn Ferrite with Low Loss at High Frequency
  • High-Quality Plastic Molding Steel
  • Current-Collecting Clad Foils for Secondary Batteries
  • LTCC Interposer for High Speed Transmission
  • Nd-Fe-B Bonded Magnet Integrally Molded with Metal Parts
  • Short Stroke Actuator
  • Consolidated Mass Flow Controller (c-MFC)
  • Branch Jointing Technique for In-use PE Pipe of the Same Diameter for Middle Pressure B
  • Metal Seat Type Segment Ball Valve
  • Hitachi Metals Company Profile  (PDF: PDF)


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