Metallic Interconnector
Material for SOFC


Solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is a promising fuel cell with high efficiency operated at high temperatures in the range of about 650 to 900 degrees C.

■Good properties are required for the interconnector (separator) material of SOFC as follows;

■There are some problem for conventional heat-resistant alloys as follows;

ZMG232G10 is a Fe-24%Cr ferritic alloy with a small addition of special elements for SOFC interconnector which is alloy designed and developed to obtain these required properties and lower Cr evaporation at the same time.

Our Stock Delivery System : ZMG232G10

We, Hitachi Metals , Ltd., as being your beneficial supplier, always keep ZMG232G10 stock and Instant Delivery System mainly, for your “R&D”.

Stock Products Dimension;
Thickness(mm) Width(mm) Length(mm)
0.1 300 600
0.3 300 600
0.5 300 600
1 300 600
2 300 600
3 300 600
15 300 1000

Concerning the dimension of our stock inventory might be changed without prior notice. As to the reason, we do sincerely ask you to get in touch with us and confirm our stock inventory in each case base.

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