Research & Development

Becoming a genuinely development-driven company

We are strengthening R&D in our quest to become a genuinely development-driven company. We are promoting not only the research and development of next-generation special steel, magnetic materials, raw materials and electric wire materials, but also medium- and long-term materials research and development themes that contribute to sustainable growth and social contribution.

  • [Photo]Global Research & Innovative Technology center : GRIT

    Global Research & Innovative Technology center : GRIT

    The Global Research & Innovative Technology center (GRIT) is a Corporate Research Lab of Hitachi Metals, Ltd. It was established to promote sustainable growth and the research and development of advanced materials with the potential to make medium- to long-term social contributions.

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  • [Photo]Specialty Steel Research Dept.

    Specialty Steel Research Dept.

    Specialty Steel Research Dept. undertakes research and development (R&D) concerning specialty steels that play critical roles in a wide range of fields, including molds and tool steel, alloys for electronic products, materials for industrial equipment, and aircraft- and energy-related materials. The laboratory was founded in 1934 in Yasugi City of the Shimane Prefecture, where an ancient Japanese method for manufacturing iron has long been practiced.

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  • [Photo]Functional Components Research Dept.

    Functional Components Research Dept.

    Focusing on casting technology for manufacturing cast iron and aluminum products, the Functional Components Research Dept. is conducting research and development for producing fabricated materials and components enabling weight reduction and energy saving in the automobile industry.

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  • [Photo]Magnetic Materials Research Dept.

    Magnetic Materials Research Dept.

    We, the Magnetic Materials Research Dept., research and develop higher performance permanent magnets to materialize smaller, higher power, fewer energy consumption motors. We were established in 2006, inheriting the technical know-how that invented the highest energy rare earth permanent magnet, NEOMAX®, in 1982. We moved to Kumagaya area in 2018, in order to have a closer collaboration with our production factory.

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  • [Photo]Power Electronics Materials Research Dept.

    Power Electronics Materials Research Dept.

    At the Power Electronics Materials Research Dept., we research and develop advanced components and materials with unique features. This includes silicon carbide (SiC), which is receiving attention as a next-generation power semiconductor, as well as silicon nitride substrates, soft magnetic components, and their applied products.

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  • [Photo]Cable Materials Research Dept.

    Cable Materials Research Dept.

    The Cable Materials Research Dept. promotes research and development to provide precise solutions to customer needs, with a focus on technologies in the following seven fields: covering material, copper alloy, in-vehicle installation, material processing, high-speed transmission, analytics, and analysis.

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R&D Topics

Aplil 16, 2019
Fraunhofer IISB and Hitachi Metals Develop New Technology to Enhance the Power Density in Compact On-Board Chargers
October 24, 2018
Developing a Higher-Efficiency Motor Technology Using Amorphous Metals
September 28, 2016
Corporate Research Lab to be Established


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