Advanced Components and Materials Division

We deepen new material development and our unique innovative part design technology capabilities to bring unique products into existence.

We have developed NEOMAX®, world-class neodymium magnet, Metglas®, amorphous metal material with excellent soft magnetic properties, and HiFCTM high-performance pure copper with softening characteristics comparable to high purity copper. The functional members with specific characteristics have been integrated into xEVs* to support their progress. In addition, our products with different capability of improving environmental performance and energy efficiency support industrial infrastructure sectors, including railway, medical devices, and industrial robots.
We combine our proprietary materials and technologies to develop advanced products.

*Term referring to electric vehicles (EV), hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV).


1. Magnetic Materials

NEOMAX® brand, key material for industries

We boast an extensive magnet range, which includes NEOMAX® rare earth magnets and ferrite magnets, and provide our products across a wide range of fields, encompassing automobiles, electronics and home appliances. As pioneers in the field of magnetic materials, we take on the challenge of new materials and new production technologies, meeting our customers' diverse needs and contributing to the creation of a more energy-efficient society.
2. Power Electronics Materials

Our Advanced Soft Magnetic and Ceramic Materials Contribute to Energy Conservation and ICT innovations

We offer a long list of specialty materilas and components; Metglas® amorphous metals, FINEMET® nanocrystalline materials and high-performance soft ferrites and ceramics.
3. Electric Wire & Cable

Contribute to more sophisticated social infrastructure

The Electric Wire & Cable Business Unit mobilizes its outstanding achievements and rich experience accumulated over the years to build a diverse range of wire products that improve the social infrastructure as well as products that support moves to decrease size and boost performance. The applications range from railway vehicles and port facilities to general construction and industrial processes. We provide customers with the optimum support by supplying these products.
4. Automotive Components

We address today’s needs for ever greater safety, energy efficiency, and convenience

Our sensors, power harnesses and brake harnesses and hoses are all developed and manufactured in a manner to fully utilize the characteristics of their materials and to meet market needs for efficient and reliable energy and signal transmission. They are globally sold and quality assurance satisfies our most demanding customers.

Major Products

  • NEOMAX® Nd-Fe-B Sintered Magnets

    We are leading the way globally in manufacturing Nd-Fe-B sintered magnets, which have optimum magnetic properties for use in the drive motors of electric and hybrid vehicles. The NEOMAX®, which we developed and mass produce, can be used in a broad spectrum of applications and in environments that range from room temperature to the mercilessly high temperatures around engines.

  • Sintered Ferrite Magnet NMF Series

    Ferrite magnets, which consist primarily of iron oxide, are cost effective and the most widely used in motors for automobile electric and electronic components. Among the NMF series, the series 15 has the world’s leading property as a mass-produced ferrite magnet. The excellent magnetic property and the resistance to temperature changes are suitable for a wide range of applications ranging from starter motors, power window motors, cooling fan motors, and electric power steering motors, to windshield wiper motors.

  • FINEMET® Nanocrystalline Magnetic Alloys

    FINEMET® is the world’s first nanocrystalline soft magnetic alloy developed by Hitachi Metals. This new Fe-based soft magnetic alloy is composed of nanocrystals. It has high saturation induction, high permeability, excellent temperature characteristics and temporal stability. FINEMET® is utiized in high-frequency power transformers, noise-suppression components and other applicat ions where it contributes to downsizing and lightening.

  • Wires and cables for rolling stock

    For bullet trains and many other trains, operated both in Japan and overseas, our wires and cables are used in cabs, underfloor wiring, and wiring between rolling stock. We also provide railway vehicle cables and trolley wires as well as signal cables, thus supporting power supply and information transmission for railways.

  • Harness for Electric Parking Brakes

    We developed harnesses for use in electric parking brakes that excel in flexural resistance and durability. This helps conserve space inside the cabin and elevates vehicle safety and convenience.

Products by Advanced Components and Materials Division