CSR Management

Guidelines for CSR Activities

Hitachi Metals Group systematically established guidelines for CSR activities as follows:

Figure: Guidelines for CSR Activities
  • ① The Company Philosophy governs all corporate activities of the Hitachi Metals Group. It also functions as the guiding principles of our CSR activities.

    Corporate Creed / Company Philosophy
  • ② The Hitachi Metals Group Codes of Conduct is consist of rules and principles intended to assist officers and employees in making decisions and taking actions based on "obey the law and walk the path of virtue," with our corporate creed and corporate philosophy as a foundation, in order to realize this Hitachi Metals WAY. It is a declaration to society concerning in which direction our Group should move forward and it also serves as the standard of our corporate ethics.

    Hitachi Metals Group Codes of Conduct
  • ③ Laws and regulations are the basic rules of corporate activity. It should be noted, however, that they stipulate minimum requirements only.

Hitachi Metals Group aims to carry out its social responsibility and realize its management philosophy through the observance, by all directors and employees, of laws and regulations and the Hitachi Metals Group Code of Conduct, and their implementation of the Hitachi Metals Group Corporate Principles, in their daily duties.