CSR Management

System for Promoting CSR

Thorough CSR and compliance have taken on increasing importance for the Hitachi Metals Group as its business domains have expanded rapidly on a global scale due to M&A and other activity. The CSR Management Office, an organization that reports directly to the president of Hitachi Metals, plays a central role in working with the divisions involved in business activities as well as Group companies to address CSR and compliance issues in response to the demands and expectations of stakeholders.
In addition to appointing a Hitachi Metals Group Risk Management Officer to supervise compliance activities of the entire Group, we have established compliance promotion departments at each of our business divisions and appointed risk management officers at all Group companies, thereby creating a structure that encourages business divisions and Group companies to carry out CSR and compliance activities autonomously. In addition, the Hitachi Metals Group Compliance Conference is held semiannually as a venue for sharing information and policies on compliance activities of the Hitachi Metals Group and promoting these activities. In this manner, we have created a structure to steadily enact thorough CSR and compliance.