Report on Social Aspects

In Cooperation with Society and the Local Community

Hitachi Metals Group pursues social contribution activities in fields such as sports promotion, environmental protection, social welfare, arts and culture, community activities, and support for disaster and refugee relief, to bring progress to communities around the world where the Group is active. We also work together with NGOs, NPOs, and educational agencies to gain a sense of what communities want from Hitachi Metals Group, as we carry on our activities.

Other than social contribution activities as a company, we also recommend to our employees that they should take volunteer leave under the accumulated annual paid leave system, and we present volunteer awards under our incentive system. These and other measures are part of our efforts to nurture a corporate climate that helps to create a better society.

Hitachi Metals' characteristic social contribution activities include our support for Japan’s research into materials science and technology by supporting Hitachi Metals ・ Materials Science Foundation in Japan, which was established largely with funds willed by Dr. Kakunosuke Miyashita (former Hitachi Metals vice president). We also work with the operations of Tatara Steel, which was restored in 1977 by the Society for the Preservation of Japanese Art Swords.