Co-22Ni-22Cr-14.5W-Fe (mass%)
Cobalt alloy that has excellent high-temperature strength and oxidation resistance

Main Features

MA188 is a cobalt base alloy which has good high-temperature strength up to 1,093°C. Also, since it contains lanthanum, it forms a good oxidation-resistant film with great adhesiveness even when it is heated up to this temperature. In addition, the alloy does not deteriorate even when it is used for a long time in temperatures between 760°C to 871°C . This alloy is mainly used for gas turbines and aircraft engine component material.


The alloy can be welded by general welding methods, however, mainly the TIG, MIG and electron beam welding methods are applied. Use the same metal for the welding rod.

Available Product Forms

Various shapes, such as flat-rolled plates, forgings, welding wire, wire, welded pipes and tubes, seamless pipes and tubes can be manufactured.


Information on specifications to which MA188 alloy can be ordered.

AMS UNS R30188

Plates Bars, Forgings
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