Ni-23Cr-14Fe-1.35Al (mass%)
Nickel chrome alloy featuring outstanding aspects both in corrosion resistance and heat resistance

Main Features

MA601 is resistant to high temperature oxidizing atmosphere up to 1205°C, and has excellent carburizing resistance. The oxidation resistance is mainly achieved by chrome, and the relatively high aluminum content of this alloy further improves the oxidation resistance.Mainly used for heating furnace, heat treatment furnace, thermocouple protective tube, glow plug, gasoline engine thermal reactor, petrochemical industry heater, etc.


Molding process and welding can be easily performed.Use INCO-WELD A, INCONEL WELDING ELECTRODE182 for arc welding. Use INCONEL FILER METAL 82, INCONEL FILER METAL 601 for TIG.

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Available Product Forms

Various shapes, such as flat-rolled plates, forgings, welding wire, wire, welded pipes and tubes, seamless pipes and tubes can be manufactured.


Information on specifications to which MA601 alloy can be ordered.


Plates Bars, Wires Pipes and Tubes
B168 B166 B163
  B564 B167


Plates Bars, Wires Pipes and Tubes
SB168 SB-166 SB-163

Code Case 1500


Plates Bars, Forgings
G4902 G4901

AMS UNS N06601

Plates Bars, Forgings
5870 5715

Mechanical Properties

Room temperature tensilty

Shape Tensile strength/ N/mm2 Yield strength (0.2%expansion) N/mm2 Elongation % Hardness(HB)
Bar 700 305 45 160∼179
Plate 700 305 42 HRB 81∼92

High temperature tensilty

Temperature°C Tensile strength, N/mm2 Yield strength (0.2%expansion) N/mm2 Elongation %
538 590 160 50
649 510 175 47
760 290 190 78
871 150 130 91
982 90 70 100

Creep rupture

Temperature°C 1000hrs strength N/mm2 10,000hrs strength N/mm2
649 193.2 137.3
760 62.8 34.3
871 29.4 17.7
982 14.7 7.8