Amorphous Coils and Core for Transformers (Metglas®)


Amorphous metal is an alloy with a non crystalline structure produced by ultra-rapid quenching (about 1 million ℃ per second) of molten alloy. Because amorphous metal has no anisotropic properties, which originated from a crystalline structure, and there are no crystalline grain boundaries to prevent motion of magnetic domain walls, it shows excellent magnetic properties such as high permeability and low loss while having a high-saturation magnetic flux density. Amorphous metal materials for transformers, whose main ingredient is Fe (iron), are used in power line transformers and industrial transformers. Compared to conventional materials such as silicon steel, amorphous metal materials have a small no-load loss (iron loss), 1/5 that of silicon steel. Therefore, they make a major contribution to energy conservation. Hitachi Metals provides amorphous metal ribbon.

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