Sialon is a fine ceramic that has excellent high-temperature properties. Hitachi Metals makes use of these properties by using sialon in the manufacture of a variety of aluminum forging tools.

Sialon Parts for Handling Molten Aluminum

Thermocouple Protection Tube for Measurement of Aluminum Temperature

Figure 1: Sialon protection tube-single pieces

Sialon protection tube-single pieces
Standard Size(mm)
Outer Diameter Inner Diameter Length
11.5 6.5 500
15 9 800
22 14 1,100
28 16 1,100
32 20 1,100
34 20 1,900

Stalk for Low-Pressure Casting Machines

We offer a line-up of stalks and thermocouple protection tubes, as Sialon parts for lowpressure casting machines.
Also, we are attempting to create a good seal against air leakage by making use of a composite metal and Sialon structure so as to maintain the required die load and prevent breakage.

Sizes available
Outer diameter (mm) : Max 234 dia.
Length (mm) : Max 1,400

Figure 2: Stalk


Immersion Heater Tube for Holding Furnaces

Especially useful for disposition of Na fluxes. Applicable to such heat sources as gas burners and electric heaters.

Sizes available
Outer diameter (mm) : Max 300 dia.
Length (mm) : Max 1,600

Figure 3: Heater tube

Heater tube

Degassing Rotor for Molten Aluminum

Sizes available
Outer diameter (mm) : Max 240 dia
Length (mm) : Max 1,300

Figure 4: Degassing Rotor

Degassing Rotor

Shot Sleeve for High-Pressure Diecasting Machines

(1) Reduce Cold Flakes (“Cold Flakes”) :solidified aluminum defect pieces (scattered structure) formed in shot sleeve
Superior heat-retention. “Possibility of no heating equipment“
(2) Stable shots and longer life (Especially at High temperature ≧ 700℃ or 1290℉)
Less deformation, High corrosion resistance, Erosion resistance and Wear resistance. “Possibility of no water cooling channel“
(3) Energy saving
Sialon’s superior heat-retention enables lower molten aluminum casting temperature.

Sialon and Super Sialon

Hitachi Metals’ Sialon and Super Sialon are ideal for jigs and tools that come into direct contact with molten aluminum on the aluminum melting and casting line.
Hitachi Metals has developed this heat-resisting, highstrength ceramic material based on its long experience in processing metals, and has used it in molten aluminumhandling parts.

Features of Sialon and Super Sialon Parts for Handling Molten Aluminum

Characteristics of Sialon

Materials Density
4 point Bending
Young's modules
Thermal shock
resistance (ΔT℃)
Coefficient of
thermal expansion
Maximum allowable
Sialon 3.2 750~950 290 710 3.0 17 1,250
Super Sialon 3.2 800~1050 300 750~1000 3.0 65 1,250

Sialon and Super Sialon are used primarily for the production of parts that come into contact with molten aluminum.
The characteristics of Sialon are given below in comparison with those of structural ceramics.

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