The effort to combat global warming and make more-efficient use of resources has reached the point where numerical goals are being set and other concrete measures are being devised on a global scale. Companies, too, are aggressively tackling the issues of reducing power and resource consumption.

Since the launch of the first system in 1989, the HICS Chilled Tower has won plaudits and found many applications because it is economical in terms of power, space and labor. In 1992, it won the ChairmanIs Award of the Energy Conservation Center, Japan. In 1995, it was awarded the Japan Machinery Federation ChairmanIs Prize (JMF Award for Energy-Conserving Machinery) and in April 1996 was made eligible for tax relief under the energy supply and demand restructuring investment promotion tax system.

Recently, manufacturers of production equipment have been seeking a decrease in the temperature of coolants to 15℃ 〜 25℃, in the interests of greater precision, compactness, productivity and more-consistent quality.

The HICS Chilled Tower supplies low- to medium-temperature coolant water at between 10℃ 〜 30℃ by integrating a closed-type cooling tower with an evaporative cooling-type chilling system. The system avoids oporational problems operation during the spring and autumn season change periods, a drawback of conventional systems, and eliminates wasteful supercooling and reheating. It provides a stable-temperature supply of cooling water all year, making it economical in power, space and labor terms.

Polyethylene piping for ga

Chilled Tower W Series(HICS-500W)


Cooling Mechanism

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Primary Applications

The principal applications of the chilled tower are listed below.

Cooling for Manufacturing Equipment

Heating and Cooling for Air Conditioning

Cooling for Research Facility Devices

Examples of Energy Conservation

Below are comparisons of power needed for installation, annual power consumption and annual cleaning costs of the HICS Chilled Tower when used for cooling semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The system is compared with air-cooled chilling systems, turbo freezing systems and gas-fueled systems for generating cold and hot water.


Photos of the HICS Chilled Tower during installation, performance testing and transportation.


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