Chilled tower(TM)(air-cooled type)

Chilled tower(air-cooled type)


As the effort to combat global warming and make more-efficient use of resources becomes global in scale, companies, too, are aggressively tackling the issues of reducing power and resource consumption. In this regard, our low- to medium-temperature chilled tower water supply system has attracted special attention. It combines a closed-type cooling tower with a chilling system to achieve power, labor and space saving while meeting cleanliness requirements.

Conventional water-cooled chilled tower systems"which percolate water into the closed cooling tower and the condenser of the chiller, and use the latent heat from the vaporization of the water to achieve heat dissipation and condense the refrigerant"have extremely good cooling capacity and energy-saving characteristics. However, use of these systems is problematic in areas where sufficient quantities of water of the correct quality cannot be secured, because there is a risk of degradation and corrosion due to scale adhesion if water quality cannot be guaranteed during the percolation process.

For this reason, we have developed and commercialized a range of air-cooled chilled towers that do not use water percolation. As in our water-cooled systems, we have used the new refrigerant R407C, which has an ozone degradation coefficient of zero.


An air-cooled fin-type aluminum plate heat exchanger (air-cooled cooling coil and condenser) and a blower are installed in the upper section. To ensure more-efficient heat dissipation, the air-cooled cooling coil is installed in the side facing the prevailing wind and the condenser in the side away from the wind, and both can be adjusted to counter flow in light of temperature.

The chilling system, consisting of several compressors as with the water-cooling type, and control panel are built into the lower section.


(1) Energy conservation
At cooling temperatures between 25°C and 20°C, annual running costs are approximately 50% less than with an air-cooled chilling system.

(2) Lower maintenance costs

(3) No need to supply water feed for percolation process

Chilled tower(air-cooled type)Structure

Chilled tower(TM)(air-cooled type)


   HICS-200A HICS-400A HICS-600A
Capacity Inlet
Cooling capacity (kW) 69.8/80.2 139.5/160.5 209.3/240.7
Cooling water volume (m³/h) 12.0/13.8 24.0/27.6 36.0/41.4
Cooling capacity (kW) 104.7/118.6 209.3/237.2 314.0/355.8
Cooling water volume (m³/h) 9.0/10.2 18.0/20.4 27.0/30.6
Width (mm) 2,100 4,200 6,300
Depth (mm) 1,950 1,950 1,950
Height (mm) 2,671 2,696 2,696
Principal components Blower
(kW (no. of poles) x number)
2.2 (6) x1 2.2 (6) x2 2.2 (6) x3
(kW (no. of poles) x number)
7.5 (2) x2 7.5 (2) x4 7.5 (2) x6

Primary Applications

Cooling of:

(1) Semiconductor-manufacturing devices

(2) Plastic-forming dies

(3) Wide range of production equipment


Our air-cooled systems ensure that the customer has a range of air-cooled and water-cooled systems to choose from. To customers who have no problems with using water, we recommend the superior capacity and energy-saving characteristics of our water-cooled systems. To customers who cannot easily use water, we recommend our air-cooled systems.


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