NH-WEP : Halogen-Free
Extra High Voltage Rolling
Stock Cables


The NH-WEP Series comprises rolling stock cables with a rated voltage of 30 kV, and which are expected to be used mainly in high speed rolling stock. Using technologies that incorporate covering materials that have been developed in the manufacture of various types of electrical wires and cables, and by adopting covering materials such as cross-linked polyolefin, we have succeeded in the production of halogen-free wires and cables with the same features as conventional products, while satisfying the fire resistance, toxicity, and smoke emissions criterion required by the British Standard.

Examples of main specifications for the NH-WEP Series

Product name NH-WEP8-60 NH-WEP8-60(W) NH-WEP8-150 NH-WEP8-150(W)
Rated voltage 30kV 30kV 30kV 30kV
Outer diameter of the conductor 11.6mm 11.6mm 17.2mm 17.2mm
Insulation thickness 16.0mm 16.0mm 16.0mm 16.0mm
Shield Braided copper wire Spiral copper wire Braided copper wire Spiral copper wire
Sheath thickness 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm 3.0mm
Finishing outer diameter 52.0mm 52.0mm 57.6mm 57.6mm


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